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Theft Crimes

A theft crime is the unlawful taking and removing of another’s personal property with the intent of depriving him or her of it. It is also referred to as stealing and can consist of the following charges: larceny, burglary, embezzlement, identity theft and shoplifting. There are two types of theft: aggravated theft and simple theft. Aggravated theft is for example: when two armed individuals steal at night from a house, and often results in a felony charge. If convicted, you will be looking at life imprisonment, fines and/or probation. Simple theft is to steal without forgoing circumstances and can result in a misdemeanor charge.  If convicted, you will be looking at a minimum of 6 months in jail, fines and probation. At The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni we defend all types of theft crimes charges.




Forgery, in criminal law, willful fabrication or alteration of a written document with the intent to injure the interests of another in a fraudulent manner, and to use it as a legitimate document. The crime may be committed even though the fraudulent scheme fails.


  • The forgery of government obligations like money, bonds, postage stamps my lead to 15 years imprisonment .

  • The forgery of official documents like title deeds, birth and marriage certificates may lead to 10 years imprisonment.

  • The forgery of regular documents like an agreement or invoice may lead to 3 years imprisonment


Identity Theft


Identity theft is the act of stealing the identity of another person in order to steal money or commit the crime of fraud.  This is normally done by stealing a form of information that belongs to the victim, which may be a birth certificate, identification card, driver’s license, social security card, medical information, insurance information, banking information, credit card, passport, financial mail or any other type of information pertinent to a person’s identity. In some cases a fake ID is also used. It is even possible to steal a person’s identity simply by using the Internet.


If you have been accused of identity theft in Dubai or throughout the UAE, a criminal lawyer at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni may be able to help. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss your situation and see how an identity theft lawyer at our firm may be able to help.


Identity theft is a severe criminal act in the United Arab Emirates and can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony offense under federal law. Punishment for the crime of identity theft can result in a federal sentence of 3, 15, 20, or 30 years in a federal prison, community service, probation and harsh monetary fines.  You will also receive a mark on your criminal record for life. If you have been charged with identity theft or are under investigation by law enforcement for identity theft or any type of fraudulent activity then it is our advice that you hire an expert criminal defence lawyer right away.


At The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni we offer outstanding legal defence for federal crimes cases involving identity theft. We will fight to protect your individual rights and we will do our very best to keep you from facing maximum sentencing. Our criminal defence lawyers and advocates have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to fight the federal crimes charges against you.

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