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Criminal defense lawyer Faisal Alzarooni grew up in Dubai.  He had two significant influences in his life, his mother, Safia Alzarooni, and the emirate in which he grew up. Both have contributed greatly to the development of his successful criminal defense career.  His mother Safia Alzarooni taught him to stand up for what he believed in, to be tough, determined but caring, and always stressed a deep loyalty to family. As for the influence of his hometown, Dubai, the benefit lay in his observance of the vast opportunities and ever changing landscape.


Criminal defense lawyer Faisal Alzarooni often refers to a phrase that has been ingrained in him since high school: “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” Mr. Alzarooni was committed to making a better life for himself than the one in which he was raised.  He wanted to become a criminal defense lawyer. When people comment on how hard it is to practice criminal defense successfully in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter, criminal defense lawyer Faisal Alzarooni always replies that it is nothing compared to life working out in the hot sun. He went to law school at the UAE University, Al Ain.


Asked why he chose criminal defense as a career, Mr. Alzarooni says without hesitation, “I wanted to help people.” But he adds that the “risk factor” inherent in the criminal defense profession was also a draw; not surprising for someone raised in an environment that espoused challenges being met with nothing less than a winner’s attitude.


At 24, Mr. Alzarooni worked for the UAE Mission to the United Nations in New York as a legal officer, where he served for almost 3 years on the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court matters presiding over many human rights cases.


With his strong work ethic and will to succeed, criminal defense lawyer Faisal Alzarooni found little difficulty finding clients after he left the UAE's mission. Mr. Alzarooni is committed to helping individuals in need of a hard-hitting criminal defense lawyer throughout The UAE.

Faisal Alzarooni Criminal Defence Lawyer in Dubai.

Faisal Alzarooni - Criminal Defense Lawyer

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