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The Law Offices of

Faisal Alzarooni

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Firm Overview

The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni is a national law firm dedicated to the defense of those charged with or under investigation for the commission of offenses. We are criminal defence lawyers, counselors, strategists, and advocates for a wide variety of individuals at all stages of criminal proceedings.


In helping our clients in extremely difficult times, we draw upon our experience and skill. The criminal defence lawyers at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni are equally adept at representing clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies, and from Public Prosecution to Supreme Court. Using a team approach, we draw upon our broad base of expertise to provide our clients with the highest quality legal advice tailored to their particular needs.


Our Vision And Values


We are counselors, strategists, advocates, negotiators, and trial lawyers. We seek to meet the needs of our clients through aggressive, ethical and honest representation. We observe the highest ethical standards at all times and in all places, and we deal honestly and fairly with our clients, opposing parties, the courts, and one another.


Each criminal defence lawyer within The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni is committed to these values, and are all part of one firm dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients through teamwork and mutual support.


Dedication To Clients


Each criminal defence lawyer within The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni is dedicated to our clients. We strive to deliver cutting edge, strategic services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. We are a hard working, energetic, skilled team of professionals - lawyers and staff - deeply committed to serving our clients. We strive to provide direct and timely communication throughout all the stages of our representation. We believe there is only one way to represent our clients - maintaining open, straightforward communication. We have a passion for our work, and an unshakeable dedication to our clients’ interests.




At The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni, we pride ourselves on our successful representation of our clients, and strive to obtain the best possible results under difficult circumstances. This success is demonstrated through repeated and consistent referrals from our clients, opposing counsel, and judges. We rely on our successful results to maintain the positive relationships we have with our clients and those they refer to us for representation.




The criminal defence lawyers at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni have represented clients at all stages of criminal proceedings throughout Dubai, and throughout the United Arab Emirates in both local and federal courts. As a result, we have built successful relationships with attorneys and professionals throughout the United Arab Emirates Appellate Department


The criminal defence lawyers and advocates at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni represent clients on direct appeal of their convictions and in post-conviction petitions challenging the legality of their sentences or convictions. We are knowledgeable and skilled at utilizing the most modern research techniques to create innovative strategies to draft persuasive and winning legal arguments. We possess a record of winning appeals in Dubai courts, as well as in the United Arab Emirates Supreme Court.


In addition to direct appeals and post-conviction petitions, the criminal defence lawyers at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni are prepared to represent clients who need assistance “cleaning up” their criminal records through the process of expunging convictions, setting them aside, reducing convictions, terminating probation, and seeking certificates of rehabilitation or pardons.


Representation at The Law Offices of Faisal Alzarooni does not stop in the trial court. We seek to maintain an ongoing relationship with our clients as any of their needs may arise.

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